1. Bioresonance method

Bioresonance is a biophysical test and therapy method. Like acupuncture or homeopathic treatment, it is a complimentary supplement to traditional medicine.

In my practice, the bioresonance procedure is performed using a BICOM device which is a completely painless treatment.

This method is quite often used for allergy treatment.

The following test sets – according to Dr. Schumacher – are available for testing and treatment:

  • Food test (milk, cereals, fruits, meat, nuts, coffee …)
  • Inhalation allergens (animal, fungal pathogens, mites …)
  • food additives (colors, preservatives, stabilizers, flavors …)
  • pollen (grasses, herbs, trees, flowering plants …)
  • identification test kit (pesticides, herbicides, metals, insects, candida, worms, bacteria …)

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2. Bach-flower consultation

I am a certified Bach-flower consultant (Bach-flower Institute, Mechthild Scheffer) and in the course of an approximately one-hour dialog with you, I prescribe an individual Bach-flower selection tailored to your specific (emotional) needs. The Bach-flower mixture is enough for about 4-6 weeks, by taking it twice a day. 

The English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), who began his professional career as a bacteriologist and immunologist, developed the Bach-flower Therapy named after him in the 1930s.

By developing a complex therapeutic method using selected plants, Dr. Bach was able to influence the emotional state and mind set positively. In his research phase, he found the right remedies in plants from his immediate surroundings (for example, flowers, trees, and grasses) and thereby developed the so-called Bach remedies.

„Fields of application of the original Bach-flower Therapy today:

  1. Mental health care,
  2. Coping with persistent mental stress and crises,
  3. Accompanying treatment of acute and chronic diseases”

/Mechthild Scheffer: The Original Bach-flower Therapy, pp. 16-17/

3. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

This method can be explained by the well-known “iceberg principle,” which states that human consciousness resembles an iceberg where only 10% is visible. The rest, the 90%, takes place “below the surface”. We, humans, think and act 90 percent subconsciously.

Long-lasting physical or mental illnesses often have causes that lie deep in our subconscious. SRT is a method for the spirit that seeks to discover the roots of physical or psychological problems in the subconscious. Accordingly, the process attempts to resolve the blockades, disharmonic energies, hindering beliefs and programs stored there, which block the positive expression of our lives.

Mr. Robert Detzler developed in the 1980s a system that includes more than 31 charts. The use of a pendulum and the chart system enables you an access to the subconscious. The blockages, disharmonic energies are identified and then positively reprogrammed. The question-and-answer process is carried out in your presence and by your participation. This way the process is associated with a lot of self-awareness and ideally provides impulses to change your life in a positive way.

4. Weight reduction

Who says “no” to better health and a few pounds less!

A targeted weight reduction is necessary especially by overweight.

Losing weight is a process of change that is guided by a permanent adjustment in behavior (e.g: diet, physical activity, etc.). It is essential that the client understands that only by change a long-term success can be expected.

The process is supported by a personal consultation, nutrition plan, and a bioresonance program plan.

  • a personal consultation,
  • Nutrition plan and
  • a bioresonance program plan.

Testing food intolerances can be helpful to establish a suiting nutritional plan.

The Bach flowers support you as well!

5. Quit-smoking

Once the patient has decided to quit smoking, personal consultation and a bioresonance program plan are set up to support the process.

You have decided to become a non-smoker?

Great decision, because this will benefit your health, your appearance, your fitness and last but not least your wallet.

Now, how do you finally get rid of it?

  • your decision plays the key role, which is supported by
  • personal consultation
  • bioresonance program plan.

The Bach flowers may not be missing – because of the emotional support!

6. I help you to help yourself

“Heal thyself!” was the Mission of Dr. Edward Bach.

“Disease is neither cruelty nor punishment, but only a corrective, a tool used by our own soul to point out our mistakes, to keep us from major errors, to prevent us from doing more harm – and to return us to the path of truth and light, of which we should never have come off. “

/Mechthild Scheffer: Die Original Bach-Blüten Therapie, S. 30/

It is also very important to me to promote the Bach-flower therapy. I offer trainings for Bach-flower Therapy and its everyday use from small groups to significant events. On request, I will send you information material and a price offer.