It’s well known, that body and soul are connected and directly interact with each other.

My philosophy corresponds with this thesis: I always treat body and soul together!

Even if you make an appointment because you suffer from a physical problem, you also receive a personalized Bach-flower combination for your specific needs.

On the other hand, during the Bach-flower consultation, I run some basic bioresonance programs in the background. A fit body always feels good!


  1. the anamnesis interview, followed by
  2. bioenergetic tests to explore substance intolerances/allergies (food, inhalation allergens, food additives, pollen, pesticides and herbicides, residential and industrial toxins, candida and much more)
  3. discuss the therapy plan and frequency

Depending on the indication, the therapy may be supplemented with products of the Energy Group, Phönix Laboratory, Retterspitz, Steierl and Schüssler salts.


Hourly rate (indicative price):
€75 / 60 minutes

General rule: I set the price by rounding the time down- and not upwards. Because a few minutes more or less, does not really matter. For me, the successful cooperation comes first!


Fist appointment: Anamnesis interview including GRATIS first treatment:
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Fixed price:  €150

Follow-up appointment: approx. 30 minutes
Price: it will be calculated according to duration.

Bach-flower consultation (pro person)

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Fixed price:  €60


Set (bundled) price, including 3 bioresonance treatments 60 minutes each and one GRATIS Bach-flower consultation:
Fixed price € 220

Natural healers do not participate in the statutory health insurance system. Statutory health insurants’, therefore, generally do not receive reimbursement of treatment costs from their health insurance fund. Members of private health insurances can apply for (a partial) refund of the treatment costs from their insurance company. It is the patient’s responsibility to carry out the reimbursement procedure vis-à-vis his or her insurance company.

Refunds are generally limited to the rates in the fee schedule. The patient shall bear any differences between the fee schedule and the alternative practitioner’s fee.